Saturday, September 15, 2012

Silver Star Casino Launch

Event Client: VWV Productions
Corporate Client:  Silverstar Casino
Event:  Launch Event (external audience)
My Role:  Event Creative Head, Live Producer, Live Director

This was the first job I was Creative Head on... it was in early 2008!  Long before I had a blog.  I found these pics in an old folder - and of course I remember this event well... and fondly!  The theme was 'Not the Usual' - the payoff line for the Casino itself.  What a pleasure!  It meant we could do so much - and have huge creative freedom.  We kicked off the evening with a walk-on-water fashion show.  With girls in outfits inspired by the look and feel of the casino's design.  This to a backdrop of the most spectacular water fountain (seriously - everyone should see it) and to a haunting musical number which Nick Warren (the then Creative Director of VWV) brought in New York... I don't know what it was called... so that's not helpful.  Ja.  But my most favourite bit of all was we had synchronised swimmers as part of the spectacle!  How cool.  

Artists rendering of the walk-on-water fashion show

Artists rendering of the Gala Dinner

Syncronised swimmers... in perfect unison... beautiful clothing... a fountain... what more.

Capoeira dancers

An opera singer

Tamara Dey and Concord in a wonderful musical duo

Geisha girls to welcome guests on arrival

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