Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Out of the Blue

Event Company: Mann Made Media
Corporate Client: Standard Bank
My roles: Style and concept development with MMM, script writer episodes 1,2 & 4-8, Director episodes 4-8

Very excited about this post... I have been waiting a while to put it up... But here it is.  I have, on a number of occasions, posted about this series I've been involved in for Standard Bank... Which started as filming physical theatre and has developed to include minimal and styalisted art direction.  The style was developed in 2011 when we has to film a physical theatre live performance to go on the road as part of the travelling roadshow... From there Nick (Creative Director of MMM) saw the creative opportunity to use the tecnique in a monthly video communication.  The character 'Sue' however was developed some years ago for the bank... So it has been a slow and steady development to get us to this exciting place.  

Here is a two minute video that shows bits of what it entails... Characterisation, drama, comedy, story... Just a few reasons why I dig it.  This clip includes the first few episodes and we are about to shoot episode 8 this month... So naturally the style and delivery has developed somewhat - but that's for the next video... yay.

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