Shows include:

By Ernest Hemingway
Adapted by Nick Warren
Directed and designed by Jenine Collocott
With James Cairns, Taryn Bennett and Jaques de Silva
Original music by Sue Grealy
Set concept by Alistair Findlay
Masks by Jenine Collocott


The story of Nelson Mandela's childhood from birth to 24 years old when he arrives in Johannesburg.
Written by Nick Warren and Jenine Collocott
With Jaques de Silva, Mlindeli Zondi, Barileng Malebye
With special thanks to Assitej South Africa for accepting Jenine Collocott and this show on their 2014 Inspiring a Generation Denmark / South Africa programme

2015 Standard Bank Ovation Award WINNER
2016 Naledi Best Ensemble Nomination
2016 Naledi Best Childrens Show (13 - 17) WINNER

Performances to date:  2015 State Theatre Indie Spotlight Programme; National Arts Festival 2015 with State Theatre support; Theatre on the Square 2015; Festival of Fame 2016


A Commedia dell'Arte interpretation of Shakespeare's Hamlet.
with Taryn Bennett, James Cairns, Jenine Collocott, Deborah da Cruz, Jaques de Silva
(with special thanks to Dylan Clements, Vika Mia Dahlberg-Hansen, Justin Durel, Helena Leminen) 

Performances to date:
2014 Festival of Fame
2014 Grahamstown Festival
School - Christ Church College
School - St David's Marits 

James Cairns as Hamlet


by Paul Gallico, Produced by KBT Productions, Adapted by the company, Directed & Designed by Jenine Collocott, with James Cairns and Taryn Bennett

photo by Suzy Bernstein

2015 Fleur du Cap Best Design Nomination
2015 Fleur du Cap Best Props Nomination
2016 Naledi Best Play Nomination
2016 Naledi Best Ensemble Nomination
2016 Naledi Best Director Nomination

An adaptation of Paul Gallico's classic novella played out on the desolate Essex marshes and against the background of the miracle of Dunkirk.  A wounded, storm tossed snow goose brings a young girl, Fritha, and the recluse Philip Rhayader together in a moving story about love and courage

Sound bites:

“A multi-tissue play, The Snow Goose celebrates writer Paul Gallico and 1940's values. It's an immense achievement. ..…. in its succinct simplicity it beautifully straddles being identified as either literature for children or adults. …..This play is a must-see. It will make you cry but it will shift your parameters as to how good theatre in this country can actually be….Don’t miss it” Robyn Sassen,

“Die Kalkbaai-teater se The Snow Goose is ’n klein juweel. Almal ken die storie, maar hier word dit op ’n unieke manier vertel.” Mariana Malan, Die Burger

“Gallico’s story soars…. With the significant talents of James Cairns and Taryn Bennett, masterfully swapping faces (literally) to play all the story’s characters, the story of the unlikely friendship between two people over an injured snow goose thrown off course over pre-war England is brought vividly to life.” Gayle Edmunds, City Press

“a beautifully made and exquisitely acted show” Steve Kretzmann, Artsblog

“I was giddy with admiration, gratitude and honestly, love, when I left the Drill Hall after watching The Snow Goose. Directed by Jenine Collocott ,this play is proof of that elusive magic made between actor and audience in well-made theatre; an energy with the ability to get you buzzing.” Kei-Ella Loewe, Artsblog

“… beyond excellent ….wow. It's sad, moving, humorous, playful, reflective and also hugely entertaining. This production needs to go to New York and London. Bravo to the theatre makers and to producers Simon and Helen Cooper - for commissioning it” Robyn Cohen

“ will linger long after you leave the theatre....a welcome delight and a reminder of the enduring value of friendship, compassion and kindness.” Tracey Saunders, Cape Times

“ Bennett, in particular, excels….truly theatre for all ages ..Not to be missed…4 stars” Beverley Brommert, Cape Argus

“'n teaterervaring wat jy nog lank in jou hart gaan bere 4 sterre” Marina Griebenow, Die Burger

'an arresting & memorable theatrical coup' Steyn Du Toit, Sunday Independent

“heartwarming...superb...brilliant... The production team and cast master the re-telling of a beautiful story which is gentle yet deeply poignant.” Lauren Vogt, What’s On

'Takes flight with your heart, mind and imagination' TheatreSceneCpt

“An important heartfelt story” Marilu Snyders,

“masterfully retold....this is what theatre is supposed to do; take you somewhere astonishing” Debi Hawkins, False Bay Echo


by Jenine Collocott & Barbara Draeger, dramaturgy by Nick Warren

Standard Bank Ovation Award 2013

A modern odyssey that takes us from the inner city to outer space and back.  The story revolves around Fiona, an upright, unadventurous citizen who is afraid to set foot beyond her front door.  On this day, Andromeda, her extroverted adventurous friend persuades Fiona to join her on an adventure!  In no time they are up in an airplane, headed for the Kalahari Desert.


written by Nick Warren, Directed Jenine Collocott, with James Cuningham, Designed by Alastair Findlay, Original Design by Jenni-lee Crewe

2013 Awards...

Fleur du Cap Theatre Awards
*Winner Best Actor, James Cuningham
*Best New South Afrcan Script, Nick Warren - Nomination

Naledi Theatre Awards
*Best Play (@ Theatre on the Square) - Nomination
*Best New South African Script, Nick Warren - Nomination
*Best Actor, James Cuningham - Nomination
*Best Director, Jenine Collocott - Nomination
*Best Lighting Design, Jenine Collocott & James Cuningham - Nomination

In an attempt to process the disturbing news of his girlfriends pregnancy, Matt goes out for a run.  Straying from his regular path he ventures into a strange part of the city where he makes a gruesome discovery that changes everything.

Sunday Morning (originally titled Roadkill) was funded by the Goethe Institut as part of the GoetheOnMain artist development initiative where it had a short run in Aug 2011.  We were invited by the National Arts Festival as part of their Solo Season on the Main Programme in 2012.  From there we had highly successful runs at the Kalk Bay Theatre, Cape Town,  St Anne's Culrual Week, Old Mutual Theatre on the Square (for 2 x runs), Witness Hilton Festival, The Gauteng Schools Festival, The Hexagon Theatre KZN and Mzanzi Festival at the State Theatre Pretoria.

Sound Bites:

Everything Defending the Caveman should have been.  Sharp sassy script. Unstoppable - Diane De Beer, The Star

A script replete with poetry, poignancy and incisive wit. A tour de force by the most exacting standards, from the brilliant, wordless preface to the last speech. A gem. FIVE STARS - Theresa Smith, Cape Argus

‘Sunday Morning’ is like a ray of sunshine in an often-gloomy theatre landscape; it’s one of the country’s most original, funny, honest, poignant and evocatively written comedies in years.  As an intimately observed snapshot of urban disaffection – Christina Kennedy, Business Day
A gem of a story.  Magnificently crafted writing. - Robyn Sassen Artslink

Gentle, funny, poignant... Jenine Collocott has directed the play using Cuningham's mastery of physical theatre to tell the story.... a beautiful and heart-warming piece of theatre - Daphne Cooper, Bizcommunity


written by Nick Warren, Directed by Jenine Collocott, with James Cairns

2014 Naledi, Best SA Script, Nick Warren - Nomination (@ Theatre on the Square)
2014 Naledi, Best Actor, James Cairns - Nomination (@ Theatre on the Square)
2013 Artrage Award, Fringe World, Perth - Nomination
2011 Fleur du Cap, Best Actor, James Cairns - Nomination

Dirt tells the story of three friends and a dog who go on a road trip from Joburg to Cape Town to bury their friend.  Dirt has been extremely successful and has toured around the country to Perth, Australia and is set for Dublin later in 2013.

Dirt also marks the beginning of the creative collaboration between Nick Warren and Jenine Collocott (the second of which is Sunday Morning)

Sound Bites:

'...the performance of the festival...' - West Australian (Fringe World)

'...thrilling lines, ringing ironies, poignant profundities and hilariaous gags... It may not change your life, but it changed mine.' - Zane Henry, Cape Argus

'... a masterful one man show with colour and depth...' - Liam Wize, Your Soap Box


Written & Directed by Jenine Collocott, with Toni Morkel, James Cairns, Deborah da Cruz & Roberto Pombo, Shadow design by Janni Younge, Shadow theatre manipulation Hilda Cronje and Sarah Hill

2010 Standard Bank Ovation Award for innovative theatre
2011 Handspring Puppet Company Award, Best Design - Nomination

With a dynamic mix of physical comedy, tightly honed dialogue and dynamic shadow theatre, this play shares the story of two star-crossed lovers as they travel through the hilarious and at time tragic minefield of inter-family relations and personal misunderstandings.  High Diving is set against urban concrete and rural costal South Africa.


Written & Directed by Jenine Collocott, with Deborah Da Cruz and Yule Mabhena

Weekend Special tells the story of the relationship of a young girl and her single mother, her best friend, the local gossips and the fat mans chickens.  Set on the dusty streets of a South African township we follow these two friends on a whirlwind of self discovery and adventure.  

Weekend Special has toured to a number of festivals and schools around South Africa and Botswana.  In 2011 it was selected as part of the return of the Windybrow Theatre's annual festival. 


with master puppeteer Alida van Deventer, directed by Jenine Collocott


Written & Directed by Jenine Collocott, with James Borthwick and Yule Mabhena