Wednesday, September 19, 2012

In the Witness

Yesterday I completed our bookings for the Hilton Festival... we are going to see British Ventriloquist Paul Zerdin (how cool?!)... and Three Little Pigs (with my friends James and Rob!  Yay)... and Horn of Sorrow (will be sad - i'm sure)... and Delirium (with the brilliant Fiona Ramsay!)... and Venus in Fur (with Neil Coppen who has taken the very brave step from Director to Performer... eee).  Can't wait.  I have of course seen Sie Wies Alles - so if your reading this and haven't seen it... you should

(see full image)

So tomorrow we leave for the Hilton... where our shows are sold out.  How lovely.  A packed audience i'm so excited!  This is the booklet that is released in the Witness newspaper...  ah.  And there we are.

(see full image

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