In between commercial theatre endeavors, I also inject a real passion and professional rigor into the often mediocre world of corporate theatre, video's and events. I do this by calling on the experience of my personal theatre, as well as the many contacts and colleagues I have developed over time. It is all theatre. It is all entertainment. The one has a brief and a client the other doesn't.  

They both have an audience deserving of your best... and it is not often that one has the privilege of showing work to sometimes 1000's of people... as one does in the corporate theatre world. I love it.  And I care about it. As such professional event companies contract me on a freelance basis...

My roles include Concept Development, Creative Direction, Director and Script Writer - follow through of creative vision in every element of the event (from the logo to directional signage)

Currently I am a Creative Director at the experiential agency Omage in Johannesburg.

Check out theses video's:

This campaign for Standard Bank (through Mann Made Media) is a narrative based internal communication  - 5 - 7 minute episodes that went out once a month.

These two video's were part of 6 monologue video's for Barclays (through Mann Made Media) that toured around Africa.  A Silver Loerie was won for this campaign.

This corporate video for WAM tells their fabulous story to attract patrons and investors.

SAB Live to Video (through Mann Made Media) was a live theatre road show which we translated for the screen so that the show could reach far flung areas of South Africa.  It is also a narrative based corporate video.  Check it out.

Work In Live Survey (for Avusa Media) was an animated straight corporate video we did detailing the findings of the Job Market for the year.  Have a look.

SAB Responsible Trader Programme from Mic Mann on Vimeo.

The Responsible Trader Campaign (through Mann Made Media) was nominated for an Ubuntu Award at the 2012 Loerie Awards

Kumba Envision from Shayne Mann on Vimeo.

Kumba Envision Campaign (through Mann Made Media)

Posts on some of the Corporate Theatre, Events and Corporate Video's I have been involved with to get a better idea of what i'm talking about.


  1. The videos all look great! I especially like the one for Standard Bank. The editing, movement, sound and concept of the video are all perfect! I am a videographer myself and have done a lot of projects as well. I really like doing transitions from bird’s eye view angle to a normal shot because it gives a very interesting motion in the process. Keep up the good work! :)

    Jim Chabris

    1. Thanks Jim... I also like the transition things. Standard Bank was a great challenge that turned out well. All the best! :)

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