Friday, July 13, 2012

Grahamstown 2012

We have just.. well sort of 'just'... it's already been a week... returned from a wonderful Grahamstown Festival.  All buoyant and exhausted from watching shows... presenting our show Sunday Morning... putting up posters... handing out flyers... all special tasks that say Grahamstown.  One cannot help knowing somewhere deep down that it is all worth it... the effort.  the rigor.  the creative differences.  ultimately the work.  And being on the Main Programme - what a delight.  Nice audiences.  Great technical support.  Pity the cue didn't give us a review - which was a bit bizarre.  Luckily this week reviews have come in and of course that helps us with the runs we have from here.  [Kalk Bay Theatre - opening tomorrow.  Theatre on the Square - opening early September.  And the Hilton Festival - mid September.]  What can you do... about the Cue I mean.  Continue to make good work.  And employ a marketing PR person... that would be good too.

So yes.  Some sound bites...

Left on our FaceBook Group wall by Christina Kenedy a freelance journalist who dug High Diving - so we dig her...

"I just wanted to congratulate all of you for crafting the funniest, most enriching and most rewarding show I saw at festival this year.  The piece is so beautifully and colourfuly written, and James is nothing short of magnificent.  I left the Hangar grinning like a lunatic, and spreading the 'gospel' of Sunday Morning like a demented cult member!"

After one of the shows Andrew Buckland to Nick...  "Did you write this you BEEP BEEP" [Meant in the good sense!]

Tony Lankesters tweet...  "Just seen Sunday Morning #NAF 2012 @jamescuningham was extraordinary.  In a very real way"

Links to official reviews:
Some gems among the fringe benefits - What's On | Tonight | - Diane De Beer
"Is 'n stukkie spoelgoud" [a tiny nugget of gold] - Anna-Retha Bouwer Beeld Newspaper
"Virtually Flawless" - Steve Kretzmann on Artsblog
"My best of fest" - Simon Cooper on Artsblog

So enough about us... My top three festival highlights were...

1.  The Epicene Butcher

It was brilliant.   and fresh.  and creative.  and simple.  and unexpected.  and had story... and design.  equally.  in short.  it rocked.  i leapt to my feet at the end.  rocking.

2.  ManoLibera

Overhead projector live illustration animation with actors.  and story [again! :)]  yes.  i felt five years old with wide eyes at the joy and splendor of storytelling.  and it was deep.  deep.

Below is their clip from YouTube... [I hope they don't mind]

The chorus work... how i loved the chorus work.  the lighting.  the singing.  visual theatre... with [less traditional] story and bucket loads of heart and rigor.  i loved loved loved it.

Of course there were loads of shows we didn't get around to seeing... but i'm sure we will soon enough.
On another note. I shall be returning to Italy in October for Helikos third year.  Decision made.  Deposit paid.  Eee.  Theatre.  Poor Nick. x 

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