Friday, June 29, 2012


Event Client:  Mann Made Media
Corporate Client:  Standard Bank
Video:  Out of the Blue Episode 5 (internal audience)
My Role:  Co-Script Writer, Video Director

We have just completed episode 5 of Out of the Blue.  And for the first time we played with lighting in the white space... which is a radical departure... given that the white space has always been the way.  Till now.  This was all good because in this episode we didn't use the infinite white space in the same sort of way.  There was no road tripping or mountain climbing... physical challenges that make the white space so exciting.  This time we had static fixed locations... so it was the fab lighting (by Nick Turvey) and brilliant editing (by Gareth...) that changed the space and brought the movement.  

Deborah as Sue being all 'Is it?!'

Lerato Moloisane as the ever enthusiastic Pam in action with Sue

The very funny Jose Domingos as the wonderfully dry Nigel

Mostly I was excited about the make-up of the dead person and the zombie.  The make-up artist Dawn Williams was part of the South African team that sent zombies over a ridge in Johannesburg at day break as part of the worldwide launch campaign of The Walking Dead.  Imagine seeing that - driving home from a big night dancing!  What the...?  Ahhh.  As you skid around the nearest corner.

Deborah in make-up... the slow fade to becoming a Zombie!

I see dead people...

Me and the zombie.  Brilliant.

"What's in your head... Zombie... Zombie..."

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