Monday, July 30, 2012

Out and About... on a Sunday Morning

We were in the Sunday Independent yesterday... on a warm sunny Sunday Morning.  Qwa qwa.  Check it out.  How rocking.  On the next page... to the right... was Batman.  Mmm.  The connection ends there.  James and I did this photo shoot when we were on at Goethe on Main just before we opened the doors for one of the shows... oh quickly James we need publicity shots... and go.  and i'm very glad we did.  This image below has proved to be very useful.  The play has done amazingly in terms of press - the response has been nothing short of overwhelming - big thanks to Christine Skinner and Simon Cooper from Kalk Bay Theatre... those who see it love it... and yet... we are still playing to medium sized audiences.  Is that the state of theatre... because all evidence points to the fact that it is not the work.  The work is good.  Possibly even great.  James is brilliant.  And Nick really can write.  Is it because we are from Joburg playing in someone else's garden?  Could be.  Or is it that reputation takes time.  Possibly.  James doesn't perform often in Cape Town and Nick and I have only taken Dirt there previously (outside of the Out the Box festival).  Or is it really just theatre.  And everyone in one way or another has this experience outside of the festival circuit.  Either way - we continue to make work... and will continue to do so till the 11 August in Cape Town (so book now!) in the hope that word-of-mouth will kick in big time and we will be fill to the rafters in our final two weeks... and then onwards to St Annes Diocesan College Cultural Festival,  Old Mutual Theatre on the Square and The Witness Hilton Festival.  I don't feel too bad because Batman (which we also went to watch this weekend - and it totally rocked!) wasn't sold out either :p

Sound bites from other reviews:

'A gem of a story, magnificently crafted writing' - Robyn Sassen, Artslink

'Everything Defending the Caveman should have been... sharp, sassy script... unstoppable!' - Diane de Beer, Star

'Virtually flawless' - Steve Kretzmann, Artsblog

'This piece is so beautifully and colourfully written and James is nothing short of magnificent.  I left the theatre grinning like a lunatic, and spreading the "gospel" of Sunday Morning like some demented cult member!' - Christina Kennedy, freelance journalist  

'A magisterial performance... a script replete with poetry, poignancy and incisive wit...a tour de force by the most exacting standards, from the brilliant, wordless preface to the last speech.  A gem.  FIVE STARS' - Theresa Smith, Cape Argus

'SUNDAY MORNING is 'n diep menslike storie wat met eenvoud oorgedra word.  Maar as jy James Cuningham het, is daar in elk geval oorvloed.  4 Sterre' - Marina Griebenow, Die Burger

'perfect for any evening' - Tracey Saunders, Cape Times

'witty, charming and heart-felt' -

'gentle, funny, poignant... Jenine Collocott has directed the play using Cuningham's mastery of physical theatre to tell the story... a beautiful and heart-warming piece of theatre.  I loved "running" this little journey of "SUNDAY MORNING" and would encourage you to run it too.'

'this extraordinarily talented performer, utterly immersed in a role that had us transfixed with awe' -

'near perfect... takes you from fits of laughter to deep introspective moments that leave a lump in your throat' - TheatreSceneCpt

'a moving piece with moments of sheer elegance... Put on your tracksuit, lace up your takkies and take a "SUNDAY MORNING" run through life's major little lessons with this masterful crew..."

'This is a slick, beautifully finished production, the kind of performance I wish we got the chance to see more often.  Go and see Cuningham prove that fatherhood's not for the faint hearted.'  - Clara Lever, 48 Hours

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