Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Come a new dawn, come a new man

James Cuningham outside the theatre... keeping warm!

me in my new bunny dress.
It was cold when I arrived... light cloud.  rough ocean.  cool breeze.  pale blue sky.  a slight texture in the sea air.  Breathe in.  Ah.... feels like Cape Town.  All that was missing was a bit of drizzle.  I love how European Cape Town feels... reminds me of Florence... where I've lived for 6 months of the year for the past two years.  Urban-quaint... a lovely combination.  I brought a new dress along the Kalk Bay promenade from the most darling shop, Catacombes, with a cheerful talkative owner whose wife makes the dresses... also very European I might add.

We were busy doing our technical get in preparing for our technical run through... Simon [owner of Kalk Bay Theatre] had very kindly brought down - from the Grahamstown Festival - what bits of set could be lowered into his convertable... which was suprisingly a lot!  I got major minus points as show producer this time around [long story]... and Nick was to drive down with the last set piece and the smoke machine in time for our opening on Saturday night.  Everything was okay.  James Cuningham had just completed shooting the movie version of Long Walk to Freedom [I know - how cool] - Half our set had arrived - I arrived [and brought a dress eee] - no technical issues - we were happily plotting lights... we were on track.  and then my phone rang.  

Nick is snowed in somewhere in the Karoo.  Not having the one set piece makes just about no difference to the show... not having the smoke machine was easy to hire in... but not having Nick was worrying as trucks were jack-knifing in the road... sliding down ridges onto their sides... B'nB's were all booked out.  It was all quite chaotic...  But luckily Nick pulled his Landrover Man moves and got through to us at 12 o'clock that night.  Hectic.  

Nice to walk out of a darkened theatre and this be your view <3 Kalk Bay Theatre

Down on the docks drawing money and buying cool drinks.

A pigeon pair of boats x

The opening went rather well I believe and we have had bucket loads of wonderful reviews flying in.  Very exciting... and hopefully good reviews do really turn into good audiences... here are some of them...

[What I love about this one is firstly the headline and the way she describes how a Sunday morning should be... ahh.  That's why it's called that... that and it takes place over two sunday mornings]
Bizcommunity by Daphne Cooper
[What I love about this one is the reference to the dress moment - that and the idea that we would have absolutely no set :p]
Scar*let Nguni Blog by Scar*let
[What I love about this one is the trip down memory lane to High Diving <3]
Die Burger by Marina Griebenow
[What I love about this one is the chameleon walking over autumn leaves description x]
What's on in Cape Town by Andrea Fedder
[What I love about this one is it was in the top three things to do in Cape Town] 
Theatre Scene CPT by the people at Theatre Scene Cape Town ;)
[What I love about this one is the idea of jumping out of your chair and yelling at the actor "I know what you mean!"]

Us on stage... with wonderful other artists... like Janni Younge and Adrian Kohler from Handspring Puppet Company

And while we were doing all that... this is where Nick was... can you believe this is the Karoo!?

For more of the adventure story and other amazing pictures of the Karoo visit Nicks blog...

All three of us, me James and Nick, in the theatre on Sunday morning ... he-he ...
for a final tech before Nick and I flew back to Joburg... 

Diane De Beer's interview ran in the Cape Town Argus the Monday after the show.  Cool.

Thank you to Kalk Bay theatre... to Simon Cooper and Christine Skinner.


  1. Jenine! Congrats on all the great reviews... and I'm so happy to see that you had an entire article devoted to you as the director. How amazing! x/o

    1. Thanks Nicole! Look forward to seeing you.