Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Neutral Exit.

In the end my exit was not very neutral at all.
In my very last movement class, Helikos 2012, third year... we worked on the hero and the chorus and returned to neutral mask.  A cycle.  A reminder.  A spiral.  And it is so amazing what a mask does to ones play.  Suddenly so much more is possible.  As Matteo said... I can see your body has a souvenir.  Brilliant.  And it's true we should all have a neutral mask locked in a small suitcase ready to come out and remind one on a regular basis of the necessity of play.  The necessity to move forward.  The importance of the space.  The space!  A little souvenir the body carries but can sometimes forget.  I shall keep this souvenir close... and try to remember that the story is bigger than you.  And the audience wants to dream.  

And with that Helikos is over.  A complete circle perhaps.  With an impact that will last for ever.  

It was a complex goodbye.  Where everything I want to say... how much I want to thank the people... Giovanni Fusetti, the teaching staff, the students... turns very quickly in melodramatic gushing which somehow diminishes the absolute gratitude and love I have for these important people and the journey we have shared together.  Somehow 'Thanks' is just not enough - and somehow it is all one can say.  

So thank you.

Thank you Giovanni Fusetti for planting the school.  For the teaching staff you have chosen.  For the pedagogy that has changed mine, and every students life lucky enough to study under you.  For the rigor.  For the play.  Ultimately, for the flow.

Thank you Matteo Destro for describing complex idea's through simple poetry.  For mask.  For chorus.  For material.  For honesty.

Thank you Liz Baron for voice.  For resonance.  For rhythm.  For vulnerability.  For depth.  For your unbelievably acute ear.

Thank you Sarah Foster for trust.  For compassion.  For the complexities of a group dynamic disguised in seemingly simple games.  For bravery.  

Thank you Bruno... for the grounding.  

Thank you classmates for the friendships and play and learning and struggle and triumph and conflict and laughter and tears.  Till we meet again.

All of us. x  
Neural masks.  Things of great beauty.
Justin.  I miss you.
No longer teacher and student.  For now anyway.

This - of course - shall not be my last post on Helikos.  We are about to get professional photo's of our 2012 final show - where I shall talk about the work the process the tears the love... But somehow it was time for this post.

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