Thursday, January 3, 2013

Page 56.

It is one thing to be a fun fearless female on-line... But to be in the actual magazine is so very exciting... And here we are on page 56. I'm next to Bridgette Hartly Olympic bronze flat-water sprint kayaker and next to her is Kashveera Chanderjith the first SA deaf chartered accountant. I am wearing a Red Valentino dress. Ah. If I could change an answer it would be career highlight - what is there was edited a lot... as my answer was too long... Doh. But also edited to lose what I meant to say - but who can blame them they're not in my head. On reflection. What I would say now as my career highlights to date... Returning to study a master course in theatre making with genius pedagog Givanni Fusetti in Florence, Italy. Secondly, the success of my most recent play Sunday Morning and working with the brilliant Nick Warren and James Cuningham as writer and actor respectively. May 2013 be as Fun and Fabuolus.

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