Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A late-night baking bash

As has become a school tradition, each year the Scandinavian students celebrate Santa Lucia... Freya makes the most delicious glug and Vika bakes... and here we are inventing different patterns and shapes with the dough.  A real baking bash in our little kitchen late at night.  The next evening the school studio was plunged into darkness... bar the flickering of so many tea candles... and Freya told us the tragic story of Santa Lucia.  This year Georgia and I were the Lucia brides...  As we are both pursuing other paths and leaving Florence.  We stood, the two of us, holding our single white candle as everyone launched into the Lucia song... doing our very best to sing in Danish, Swedish and Italian... and if there was English I don't remember it.  By then I was trying not to cry.

(see full image)

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