Friday, August 17, 2012

Heathcliff it's me

Last night we did our first performance of 'Sunday Morning' to a theatre packed to the rafters with 200 odd teenage girls and boys!  How scary.... as part of the St Anne's cultural week... my heart was pounding and I had to concentrate to steady my hands so as to hit 'play' properly - up in the tech box - never mind being on stage.  Full of nerves for how these kids would respond to our work - which does not have them as the primary target audience... but much to our delight - they roared with laughter and rose to their feet and whooped for the wonderfully brilliant James Cuningham!

(see full image)

This morning as the mist rolled in and I gave a physical characterisation workshop to a group of about 19 Grade 11 drama students... it was somewhat intimidating for about 5 minutes... teenage girls are scary... and then it was a whole load of fun.  

This is a very beautiful part of the world... the kind of setting that reminds one of classic love stories...  Heathcliff, it's me... 

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