Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shooting Alex

Event Client: Mann Made Media
Corporate Client: SAB (South African Breweries)
Event: Zenzele / Perfect Peak Roadshow (external audience)
Venues: Live show in Joburg | Video shows all across South Africa 
My Role: Creative Head, Live Co-Script Writer, Live Theatre Director & Live to Video Director

On-set shots for another live theatre production for the medium of film.  This is a roadshow that only has one large live show and the rest is a video rollout to smaller regions across South Africa.  So once again - the video does not form a simple record but rather a stand alone tool of education through entertainment.

So, we shot in the Johannesburg township, Alexandra.  I have a play called Weekend Special which is set on the dusty streets of Alexandra - and spending three days here on set was wonderful - there is such a vital life force and sense of community which in my opinion is just about not present in the suburbs.  I mean - I don't even know who my neighbors are!  For most of us, we never dare venture past the boarder between Alex and Sandton.  This was one of the reasons for making the play Weekend Special... we take the show mostly to private schools in Johannesburg, and whilst entertaining these kids, we also transport them into a township setting - many of whom would possibly only have seen from the Highway as they drive past.  This is all kind of besides the point... all i'm saying is being on set here, once again, reminds me of how diverse this city is.  And of how much I dig it.

Below is my favourite moment in the video where old man Baba Sfiso rushes down the road to tell Bra S'bu what his competitor Ma Miriam is up to in her tavern... such fun.

Here are three images of the chorus led by the main character Ma Miriam doing their thing... a teaser to the rest of the show... which i'll talk more about soon.  Rocking.  Our live show is in Johannesburg towards the end of this month.  It will also mark my last show before heading off back to Italy for second year at Helikos theatre school.

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