Thursday, November 3, 2011

SAB Responsible Trader Roadshow

Event Client: Mann Made Media
Corporate Client: SAB (South African Breweries)
Event: Educational Roadshow (external audience)
Venues: Live shows in Durban, Joburg, Cape Town | Video shows all across South Africa 
My Role: Creative Head, Live & Animation Script Writer, Live Theatre Director & Live to Video Director, Animation Director

This has been the biggest show I have worked on... I think possibly ever!  It was such an exciting and wonderful job to be a part of.  Firstly the message rocked... we were to educate tavern owners, SAB's clients, all around South Africa on how to trade alcohol responsibly... If every tavern owner were to trade responsibly... this is how we stand a chance to change a community and ultimately an entire society.  In South Africa alcohol abuse is a serious issue (as it is every where in the world...) and the core messaging was around compliance, customers drinking too much, pregnant women and drinking, underage drinking and drinking and driving.

Industrial theatre was the at the heart of the delivery medium... from there we filmed the entire show, carefully translating the live piece to fully work in the medium of film.  This was such a great and wonderful challenge... the reason being that all too often filmed theatre simply does not work beyond a mere record of the work.  However here the vast majority of our audience were only going to see the filmed version of the show and therefore the impact and educational out-take of these video's had to match that of live performance.  And I believe we succeeded.

We had a cast of five wonderful performers.  Hamilton Dhalmini played the tavern owner and the rest formed a theatrical chorus of workers in the tavern doubling up to deliver section specific monologues and role play scenes of... for example... 'how to handle a pregnant woman who comes into your tavern asking for a beer' ... and so on.  On stage the chorus device was fabulous - keeping the show buoyant, engaging and ultimately educational.  Education through entertainment at it's best.  For the video version we used the chorus in a musical-type way, and therefore not a million miles from it's live counterpart... how wonderful - it was such fun.

Here are some shots of the live show and stills from the shoot.  I'll upload a taste of the video's in a separate post.  Rock on theatre entertainment for education.  For me personally this is superb art... amazing actors working so easily on stage and in front of the camera with the same material... outstanding cinematography from Tom Marais - what a legend... Stunning narrative editing from Kirsten de Magalhaes - who totally understood where we were headed with this and then took it further...  Mic Mann as Executive Producer who worked more weekends and through the night more times than I could ever... Bruce Sherwell the animator on the final impact animation - a force of talent who too worked unthinkable hours to create such delicate work.  And finally Nick Warren the Creative Director at MMM who conceived, developed and sold this amazingly executed concept... without the idea, you have nothing at all.  Of course there are many many more people who make a show this big happen.

So... a meaningful show.  A rocking team.  Yay. 

Lerato Moloi on set as the chorus tavern worker... how pretty!?

Bongani Madondo on set as the chorus tavern worker... fantastic.

Hamilton Dhlamini on set as S'bu the tavern owner... rocking.

Bongani Madondo on set as Baba Sfiso in his final position... my favorite shot of the shoot... musical vibe!

Random of us getting ready... set up for a later green screen shoot... delightfully complex.

Tom Marais... another green screen positioning for later... what a wonderful dude... so much talent!

The audience arrives for our show in Johannesburg... bus loads of Tavern and outlet owners pored in.

Baba Sfiso comes to talk to S'bu in the live performance... 

The chorus on stage!  

The chorus getting the tavern ready...

Black Madondo at the end of his monologue...
 about to be joined by the rest of the chorus in a moment of celebration!

An intoxicated customer wanting to buy another drink... in the 'how to' section.

The end of drunk driving in the 'how to' section where the drunk guy thinks the worker is trying to steal his car
- this was one of my favourite bits in the live!

Jessica at the end of her rather rousing and emotion monologue on Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.
Beautiful actress. 

The wonderful Hamilton Dhlamini as S'bu in the live... come again!! 

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