Friday, June 24, 2011

Roadkill emerges

[Note... Roadkill is now called Sunday Morning...]

Very exciting news... Roadkill is about to get up and start running!  In the heart of Joburg... a man sets out on a jog to escape a minor problem and runs into a major situation... oh sinner man where you gonna run to... and on that day...

Roadkill written by oh so brill Nick Warren
With the super fab James Cuningham
Directed by Jenine Collocott... that's me

Goethe on Main [at] Arts on Main

Friday 12 August 8pm
Saturday 13 August 8pm
Sunday 14 August 2:30pm

Apparently just below William Kentridges studio - although I didn't see him through a windowpane working away behind his easel... so i'm not so sure...
A wonderful Gallery space...  theatre shall be on display.  Mm.

Yes this is main city life.

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