Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Left off the Highway...

A few days ago I took off my wedding ring and typed in the coordinates for the Windybrow Theatre in Joubert Park to hand in my forms for the festival in June... Only to discover that the theatre is honestly one turn off the highway - and therefore not that scary a drive at all... They are in the midst of drastic restoration renovations. The inner city of Johannesburg... in the shadow of Ponte tower... a stones through from Hillbrow... lies a magic not-so-little theatre. So if you are brave - like me - I think you too should venture one turn off the highway and come and see this spectacular old theatre whose lights are being turned back on.

So, here when we're on...

Tuesday 14 June at 6pm
Wednesday 15 June at 7pm

The festival poster. How pretty. And funky. And Joburg.

For those of you for whom it would take more than one turn off the highway to come see us... here is another little clip of the show we did for Christ Church high school. We adapt the play to perform it in school halls without lighting... and it works. If they can't come to the theatre - take the theatre to them xx

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