Monday, October 27, 2014

A bow tie to go out in.

This weekend marked the first meeting for our new play Making Mandela.  It was a very exciting moment - since getting the funding to write the script way back in 2009.  Some 6 years later and we have our first reading of the production ready script.  Wowser it has been a long journey and yet it is still, somehow, only beginning.  The script has gone from being a rather long history lesson of 100+ pages to where we are today... our favourite scenes coming in at 40 odd pages.  Editing was interesting.  To let go of what you think you should be doing and doing what you want to do.  What interests you.  Why do you want to tell this story.  But somehow with this subject matter and dealing with a real life story that has been much more tricky.  It is the story of Nelson Mandela's childhood.  But I read a great article on historical writing and he said that it is the same as any writing... tell the story that interests you... find the themes that you like.  In that way it is no different.  I really wish I had the link to that article.  Thank you stranger in the world.  So Nick Warren and I got to work with editing editing editing.  And there is still a lot of 'room to move' as rehearsals start in December.  So it's going to happen.  We're on at the State Theatre the first two weeks of Feb 2015.  Thanks to the NAC for the initial script funding and start up production funding.  Thanks to KBT Productions and Simon and Helen Cooper for coming on board. 

Here are the actors... 
Jaques de Silva
Mli Zondi

Barileng Malebye
I found this amazing little shop at the Oriental Plaza called Haffajee's Cash Bazaar (011 834 5509)...  The shop owners are delightful, talkative, incredibly helpful women who have clearly been runing this shop for a very long time.  I felt transported into a scene of a art movie.  Amelie.  Perhaps.  The shelves are stuffed with beautiful quality clothing... and they had velvet bow ties.  A bow tie with which to go out in.  

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