Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Ready steady GO.... Hamlet! ...in the style of  Commedia dell'Arte.  A 35-minute theatre tonic.  This was how I started 2014 - and already it is June.  Gr.  Such a fab way to start the year.  I ended 2013 at the seaside... making masks.  How exciting.  Amongst the beach towels, straw hats and sun cream was a chaos of mask making tools and clay moulds and endless packets of plaster of paris.  We, James Cairns, Jaques de Silva, Deborah da Cruz and I, performed at Festival of Fame in Feb...  And recently we reworked it by added more scenes and another layer of design.  Very exciting.  I spent many hours with my very talented friend Vika on a bench in cold square in a city called Hostebro in Denmark brainstorming ideas of how to take the work further.  So thank you Vika.  The next time we perform is at the National Arts Festival.  Can't wait.

Jaques de Silva, Jenine Collocott and Deborah da Cruz

Jaques de Silva and James Cairns

Jaques de Silva and Jenine Collocott

National Arts Festival cast:
James Cairns
Jaques de Silva
Taryn Bennett
Jenine Collocott 

Photos courtesy of National School of the Arts (Festival of Fame 2014)
Original cannovacio by... 
Vika Mia Dalhberg-Hansen, Helena Lemenin, Justin Durel, Dylan Clements and Jenine Collocott
Gertrude mask by Vika Mia Dahlberg-Hansen
Polonius mask by Barbara Draeger 

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