Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pinocchio and the Old Goat

This is a pic of the postcard i'm about to post home... and it captures my week rather well... namely, Pinocchio [as seen swimming away from the shark], and the little goat [as seen peering down from the rock].  Yes...  Our storytelling adventures continue.  The week started out with Pinocchio, which sadly did not work... When telling a classic epic tale [or any story for that matter] it becomes very important that you know what you want to say and that you develop a common language to say it... both of which we did not manage this time around.  We have promised a glass of wine and a dinner in honour of our wooden friend whose soul we did not capture... this time.  Perhaps there will be a next time... with more time.  We shall make it up to you Pinocchio.

The week ended on Saturday with a public performance of a selection of stories from the previous two weeks... for me it was the Grimms Tale... 'Wolf and the Seven Goats.'  I know.  Who's heard of that one!?  I hadn't.  After the horror of doing another solo wore off it was rather fun playing an old goat and her 7 kids who get eaten by the wolf.

So, this week has been a major reminder of...  Crescendo.  What doesn't go up necessarily goes down.  Momentum.  Pace.  Rhythm.  The driving force... the push and pull of story.  Know what you want to say.  Ahhh.  And then say it.  Once upon a time...  Preferably in Italian... C'era una volta...

(see full image)

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