Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hula hoop Queen

When I was about 8 I was the queen of hula hooping.  It's true.  I could out-hula hoop anyone in the playground... two at a time, on my hand above my head, around my neck, my arm, my finger... So when we got tasked to find a skill that your clown could possibly do... I thought I'd try rekindle my hula hooping champion skills.  They must still be there... right?  So this weekend I managed to steal an hour to find a toy store and brought a hula hoop.  Yay.  Childhood memories.  It must be like riding a bicycle.  Five minutes and i'll be running competitions in the courtyard.  Not.  Hula hooping is impossible.  Oh my word.  Firstly an adult cannot hula hoop with a kids hoop... and it just about killed me to keep it up for 5 seconds.  And i'm stiff!!!  Amazing.  Blind.  But to get to the toy store to buy the hoop I passed the Duomo.  And it is still a very big very beautiful building! x

Barbara who can spin for ages... I mean ages... and not fall over!  That's a skill.
This is her clown Andromeda Andromeda. 

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