Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Mighty Baobab...

Event Client: Mann Made Media
Corporate Client: Standard Bank
Event: Conference (internal audience)
Venue: Monte Casino
My Role: Live Theatre Director

We told such a rousing story about the origins of the Baobab... And how it came to spread it's seed all over Africa... It was beautiful. We did in a cinema with the massive screen as the performance backdrop... These were the backdrops... They are simple but on that enormous screen they were fantastic. Haunting music... dappled light... a beautiful script by Nick Warren... a stunning performance by Yule Mabhena... spectacular visuals by Tyron Janse Van Vuuren... It rocked.

One also remembers how utterly enchanting the baobab tree is.

The below image had nothing to do with the performance... but I just love it.

It's enormously satisfying to watch a corporate audience be enthralled by live theatre. Everybody loves a good story well told. Once upon a time... and everyone leans in.

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