Saturday, December 4, 2010

Entering the silence...

It felt like in far too little time - just as we were beginning to fall in love with neutral mask - learning how to revel in it's silence - we were saying adieu. Neutrality is not something one achieves but something one continually strives for - a blank page of endless possibility. It was so much fun. Disappearing - just briefly. Anonymity becomes addictive.

We have now entered a silence of a different kind. The elements. Earth. Wind. Fire. Water. For dynamic rhythm, emotional resonance and scale... nature dwarfs that which ones limited experience can offer. It is very exciting. Journeying through the elements... finding the motivation, the narrative moment, when fire burns out and gives way to smoke rising from a pile of ashes... In the improvisation the audience witnesses a woman left by her love who turns from fiery fury to nothingness, as she tries to understand what has happened. All the actor has done is allowed fire to burn out and become air. Or a revolutionary leader drumming up the masses for action. Fire motivating a chorus of water to walk with the destruction of flooding river and arrive at the fence and stand with the rooted solidarity of trees... We will not move. Change is inevitable.

The elements rock. That's all I'm saying!

These pics were taken while we were in the Groot Marico - where nature dominated our intimate 2-day family get away.

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